The DITP aims to provide services in diagnosis and noninvasive minimal invasive treatment. We use the latest digital medical diagnostic technologies: the 3-Tesla Magnetic resonance

imaging (MRI) and a full option spectral (dual energy) computed tomography scanner (CT) that allows high-resolution tissue characterization while reducing patient radiation exposure. We also provide digital radiography, mammography and ultrasound.

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CT Revolution : Computerized tomography

Spectral: Dual Energy 256-slice scanner

This brand new technology provides high quality and fast scan along with an impressively low x-ray dose and less artifacts. It is designed to detect smaller lesions than a regular CT.
The fast scanning and the maximized detector size allows imaging of the heart and coronary arteries in the span of a single heartbeat. Revolutionary!

MRI 3 Tesla Imgenia: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

High technology and Artificial intelligence

From Brain imaging, using the the NeuroQuant AI-powered technology, to the prostate cancer screening or a routine painful knee examination, we provide a wide range of possibilities based on the highest standards existing. No X-ray or any other ionizing radiations are used here.

High standards
for Routine

Conventional radiology

Digital Radiography (DR) is the latest advancement to the radiography field, using a digital x-ray detector to acquire images and instant transfer them to a computer for viewing